Cost saving strategies through smart energy solutions

This is how we can save you money, investing in smart energy assets

Don’t be another statistic spending over R2 million in energy bills over the next 25 years. Invest in an energy asset today that will PAY BACK WITH SAVINGS and GENERATE A PROFIT.

Lets help you INVEST in the most efficient infrastructure to SAVE money to GROW your ICT offering in your institution

It’s all about the bottom line, save with our award-winning innovation, transforming power management for business-IT alignment

Delivering new opportunities with remote self-powered building solutions enabling services and facilities for remote and off-grid regions

We’ll walk you through every step of the process

It’s as easy as 1.2.3


We offer the most comprehensive Home or Business Energy Audit on the market and armed with this information can present the best technology to satisfy your individual power needs.


Tailored Proposal

You wouldn’t buy a car without knowing the specs including fuel consumption. Yet the fuel to power our daily lives, electricity, is often overlooked or remains completely unknown.


Installation & Support

Installing the system is a quick and painless process. Learning to use and trust in the technology is where Regenergy helps you most. This is our solution to the Journey ahead with you.

Easy to use Smart-App to track daily energy generation and consumption of your new smart home with your own power plant on the roof.

We are on top of what is happening in your environment.  If there is an irregularity, we will know about it instantaneously.

A fundamental challenge to renewable energy adoption has been the upfront costs.  Benefit from our Eco-Finance offering.

Regenergy is so confident in our systems we offer extended Warranty packages


10 years

Our Battery technology allows us to offer something which no other energy provider can – 10 year warranty on our Battery!


25 years

Regenergy only installs the highest quality of panels Tier 1, which typically carry a 25 year guarantee. The exact panel technology will depend on specific client needs and environmental conditions.


5 years

Our Victron Inverters come with a standard 5 year warranty, as the useful life of the Inverter depends heavily on how you use your equipment, which we will configure to match up to your panels & batteries.

Try our energy usage calculator

Do a quick self-analysis to see how much energy you use in your home or organization on a daily basis.