Cost saving strategies through smart energy solutions

This is how we can save you money, investing in smart energy assets

Don’t be another statistic spending over R2 million in energy bills over the next 25 years. Invest in an energy asset today that will PAY BACK WITH SAVINGS and GENERATE A PROFIT.

Lets help you INVEST in the most efficient infrastructure to SAVE money to GROW your ICT offering in your institution

It’s all about the bottom line, save with our award-winning innovation, transforming power management for business-IT alignment

Delivering new opportunities with remote self-powered building solutions enabling services and facilities for remote and off-grid regions

We’ll walk you through every step of the process

It’s as easy as 1.2.3


We offer the most comprehensive Home or Business Energy Audit on the market and armed with this information can present the best technology to satisfy your individual power needs.


Tailored Proposal

You wouldn’t buy a car without knowing the specs including fuel consumption. Yet the fuel to power our daily lives, electricity, is often overlooked or remains completely unknown.


Installation & Support

Installing the system is a quick and painless process. Learning to use and trust in the technology is where Regenergy helps you most. This is our solution to the Journey ahead with you.

Easy to use Smart-App to track daily energy generation and consumption of your new smart home with your own power plant on the roof.

We are on top of what is happening in your environment.  If there is an irregularity, we will know about it instantaneously.

A fundamental challenge to renewable energy adoption has been the upfront costs.  Benefit from our Eco-Finance offering.

Regenergy is so confident in our systems we offer extended Warranty packages


10 years

Our Battery technology allows us to offer something which no other energy provider can – 10 year warranty on our Battery!


25 years

Regenergy only installs the highest quality of panels Tier 1, which typically carry a 25 year guarantee. The exact panel technology will depend on specific client needs and environmental conditions.


5 years

Our Victron Inverters come with a standard 5 year warranty, as the useful life of the Inverter depends heavily on how you use your equipment, which we will configure to match up to your panels & batteries.

Try our energy usage calculator

Do a quick self-analysis to see how much energy you use in your home or organization on a daily basis.

ELe®’s innovative, award winning DC power infrastructure can now transform business operations and deliver unprecedented savings in energy bills and carbon emissions.

ELe® DC infrastructures is designed to eliminate AC/DC energy wastage and create more efficient, streamlined energy management systems.


Energy Generation

For partially or fully off-grid sites, Regenergy can supply ELe® renewable energy systems to connect to its infrastructures for maximum energy and carbon savings.


Storage & Distribution

The designs and supply of ultra-low energy DC power infrastructures. We can also provide installation support where required.


DC Electronic Devices

Regenergy can also supply a growing range of ELe® DC devices including computing equipment, lighting, air-conditioning and refrigeration.

In the conversion from AC to DC, energy is wasted as heat. The more devices you add to a Power Bar, the more efficient the overall system will become.

A method of distributing both power and data using a single ethernet cable. Our point-to-point infrastructure allows certainty and quality of distribution.

Why DC Power?

Since the early days of electricity, the globally standardised method of transmission has been AC (Alternating Current). Many of the electronic products e.g. computers, lighting, fridges and mobile devices we use every day, require DC (Direct Current).

The process to convert AC power to DC power to run these products wastes significant amounts energy and need bulky, inefficient transformers whilst costing you money every time you plug in your device

ELe® systems connect seamlessly to your EXISTING IT network with Power over Ethernet (PoE)

PoE – Ad-hoc systems which pass electric power along with data on twisted pair Ethernet Cabling.  This allows a single cable to provide both data connection and electric power to devices with batteries & USB


Their streamlined design:

Removes unnecessary power cabling and sockets.  Power is simply overlaid onto your existing Cat5E data network

Offers complete flexibility to configure workspaces to meet changing requirements

With no moving parts, minimizes system failures, ambient noise and heat generation

Solar PV taking the entire solution Off-Grid - saving you up to 100% on your computer related electricity bills

For optimised energy and carbon savings, ELe® infrastructures can utilise renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power.  ICT suites and other electrical devices fully powered with ELe®’s off-grid solutions can maximise energy cost savings and run completely carbon free.  This clean energy solution is ideal for schools with strong sustainability goals or equally for schools with unstable or non-existent power supplies.

Solar PV


ELe® POD and Control


ELe® PC & Monitors

SAVE 100%

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Intelligent Battery Management System…saving you up to 80% on your computer related electricity bills

With the addition of an ELe® Energy POD and control box you will be able to harness and store energy with the POD’s high performance lithium-ion battery and gain additional energy savings by leveraging beneficial off-peak energy tariffs. The ELe® Energy POD can also be used to replace inefficient UPS systems and back-up generators, and is easily scalable as additional units are required.

The Control Box provides access to real-time data.  The unique monitoring solution aids optimisation and enhances saving opportunities.

Mains Attached


ELe® POD and Control


ELe® PC & Monitors

SAVE 80%

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Computers WITHOUT plugs - saving you up to 70% on your computer related electricity bills.

A grid-connected solution that uses ELe®’s Power Bar and Injectors to power a suite of high performance, low energy NUC Intel® PCs and Monitors powered via your school’s existing Ethernet cabling.

Mains Attached

power bar

ELe® Power Bar and Injectors


ELe® PC & Monitors

SAVE 70%

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Generate and Store your own FREE electricity to be OFF the GRID and Energy Independent

Energy Independence is the ultimate goal for any home owner.  Maximising storage is the next step to reach this goal, although the reality is that you will need to replace your battery every 5 -7 years.


Super Capacitor Battery

Safer, more efficient, longer life-cycle energy storage giving you up to 45 years battery life.

Solar Panels

Adjust the number of photovoltaic solar panels to generate the necessary electricity to take your home off-grid

Hybrid Inverter

Manage energy storage and consumption in your home

Off-Grid Power System

An Off-Grid Power System is when you are not reliant on the main electricity grid provided by your local utility supplier.  Excessive power generated from the solar panels, are stored in the batteries to ensure power availability when the applications usage exceeds what the solar panels are producing. The battery system is sized to achieve approximately 3 days independence.  It is important to package a hybrid-inverter with this solution as it is programmed to disregard dedicated supply and only accept supply in the event there is low battery or the load is exceeding what the inverter was programmed for.

The system required would be dependent on your particular home and consumption need, therefore an energy audit is recommended to offer the suitable system for your requirements.

Generating your own FREE electricity is the next step to save 80%+ on your monthly energy spend

If you are satisfied that you have implemented energy saving strategies and you still want to try to save more monthly, then we can begin to include Energy Generation assets and some storage capacity to maximise your energy production and self-reliant consumption.

The first step is to understand what you need to generate your own energy:

Solar Panels

Photovoltaic solar panels absorb sunlight as a source of energy to generate electricity.


This is an essential device in any solar power system.  Its basic function is to change the variable Direct Current output of the solar panels into Alternative Current used in your home.

The second step is to understand the available solar power systems:

A grid-tied electrical system is a semi-autonomous electrical generation which links to the mains to feed excess capacity back to the local mains electrical grid.  Grid systems do not store energy and therefore need no back up, thus no battery bank. With no storage losses, the system is are easy to monitor and measure performance.  There is a benefit to you as the homeowner in the form of compensation for the energy that you put back into the grid.  Through net-metering it credits at a certain rate, applied to your monthly bill for every KWh you put back into the grid.

A Multi Hybrid Power system is 2 alternative power systems working together.  The one system secures backup power for “essential” needs.  The grid-connected system distribute power to both the essential and non-essential applications.  The system allows the full solution to function should there be a power failure.  The grid-connected PV system will be sized to produce enough energy to power both essential and non-essential applications.  Battery backup is sized for essential applications and standby batteries for non-essential applications if required.

The system required would be dependent on your particular home and consumption need, therefore an energy audit is recommended to offer the suitable system for your requirements.

Improved efficiencies are the first step to save 50%+ on your electricity bill

Do you know how electricity is being used in your home?


Space heating and cooling




Fridges & Freezers




Consumer Electronics


Consumer Electronics on Standby





These 3 examples alone can save you up to 50%


Solar Geyser

Replacing your electric geyser with Solar Water heating can reduce your hot water consumption by a huge 50-90% with an overall savings of up to 46% on our monthly electricity account.

LED Lights

Replacing your existing lights with LED lights that uses a tenth of the energy of traditional light fittings and save you up to 30% on your home’s electricity.


Replacing your home appliances with A++ (or better) energy efficient rated appliances will minimise your overall energy use by a further 5 – 30%.

For a more comprehensive analysis, Regenergy offers energy audits!

We use extremely accurate data loggers and plug them on to your DB board for approximately 7-10 days to give us an exact measurement of your daily usage for each appliance in your home. Armed with this information, we can show you where your highest consumption takes place and provide an actual Rand Savings value based on energy efficient technology.