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Regenergy Solar Solutions
  • #NoMoreElectricityBills

    Guaranteed savings on residential electricity costs
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    Cost saving strategies through smart energy solutions

    This is how we can save you money, investing in smart energy assets

    Residential Solutions

    Don’t be another statistic spending over R2 million in energy bills over the next 25 years. Invest in an energy asset today that will PAY BACK WITH SAVINGS and GENERATE A PROFIT.
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    Education Solutions

    Lets help you INVEST in the most efficient infrastructure to SAVE money to REINVEST in your institution
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    Business & Agriculture Solutions

    It's all about the bottom line, SAVE with our award-winning innovation, TRANSFORMING power management for businesses
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    Modular Solutions

    Delivering new opportunities with remote self-powered building solutions enabling services and facilities for remote and off-grid regions
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    We’ll walk you through every step of the process

    It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3


    Audit & Appraise

    There is simply no better way to reduce energy consumption than to compare options in an audit platform on an individual load basis. We offer the most comprehensive energy audit in the market.
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    Tailored Proposal

    The PV design simulator allow you to predict the financial viability of a PV System and fine tune the design to ensure that you select the correct technologies as well as the sizing to meet your unique power needs and expectations.
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    Installation & Support

    Our certified installation team comply all regulatory requirements. With sustainability at the forefront our value added services include; knowledge transfer, remote support, warranty and maintenance.
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    Energy Monitoring

    Easy to use Smart-App to track daily energy generation and consumption of your new smart home with your own power plant on the roof.
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    After-Sale Service

    We are on top of what is happening in your environment. If there is an irregularity, we will know about it instantaneously.
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    Eco Finance

    A fundamental challenge to renewable energy adoption has been the upfront costs. Benefit from our Eco-Finance offering.
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    Regenergy carefully selects the technology that we offer, each component according to SABS rating and strict SANS Standards and Specifications


    10 YEARS
    High performance Lithium Battery Technology and Super Capacitor Based Storage with a 10 Year Warranty


    25 YEARS
    Tier 1, Polycrystalline and Monocrystalline Solar Panels with a minimum 10 Year Product Warranty and a 25 Year Performance Warranty


    5 YEARS
    Efficient and reliable Grid-Tie and Hybrid Inverters for on and off-grid energy solutions with a 5-15 Year warranty

    Save energy. Save money. Save the world.

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