Digital Native

Our client’s objectives

Digital Native is a UK based IT training provider specialising in the delivery of highly capable software, data and infrastructure apprentices to its local business community in the West Midlands.

Following a successful bid to provide an approved Pearson Examination Centre for Birmingham, the company was looking for a new technology provider to support the installation of a new IT training and testing suite.

As a business dedicated to developing the next generation of technical talent, one of Digital Native’s primary objectives was to ensure that they had the very latest technology. The team were equally passionate about running their business in an energy efficient, sustainable way.

The technology solution

Representing Pearson, the UK’s largest awarding body, meant that the new computing technology had to meet the highest of performance standards. The ELe® team worked closely with Digital Native’s apprentice trainees to develop a specification to meet the requirements for the new IT suite.

ELe®’s engineers installed 8 high performance Intel® i3, 8GB desktop computers along with eight ELe® low energy 19” monitors into Digital Native’s new Pearson Examination Suite. The computers were assembled, installed and up and running within 2 hours.

With power distributed via the building’s existing CAT5e Ethernet cabling and infrastructure, there was no need for any additional electrical wiring enabling the team to create a clean and streamlined computer suite.

The Results

An enhanced teaching and learning environment

Once installed, the team at Digital Native found that the flexibility to easily move and re-position the ELe® computers presented a real benefit in how they could use the suite to meet their changing requirements.

As part of the installation, ELe® engineers were able to train the apprentices in how to install, set up and support the new PC’s providing them with a valuable learning experience.

As ELe®’s DC based equipment has no moving parts, the quiet running of the machines was a welcome additional benefit. The noise levels at the examination centre are now near silent, with no fans to disturb the candidates sitting their exams.


Digital Native is expected to make a saving of 75% on energy consumption of their computing equipment, which over 5 years will amount to around £1,324.

Additional savings were also made as no electrical sockets were required for the ELe® equipment. This saved the company an extra £1,000 and many hours of potential downtime.

Taking a lead in sustainable IT

As a business keen to promote its environmental and sustainability practices, ELe®’s low carbon computer technology has enabled the company to make a positive contribution to Birmingham’s vision as a leading green city. Digital Native is now using this project to launch a wider campaign to promote this innovative solution to other locations for Pearson Examination Centres and wider projects.