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Audit And Appraise

We come to you

The first step to addressing a problem, is identifying the problem and then taking the bold steps to resolve it.

We will come to your home to determine your level of energy efficiency, accurately via our thorough Energy Audit and the Assessment. This will clearly provide a framework for your homes’ future performance to provide you with the most detailed breakdown of energy consumed per appliance in your home.

Have you ever wanted to see what each appliance is REALLY costing you?

Then by considering the cost benefits for each alternative low energy appliance available, you will be able to decide to do the entire transformation together or perhaps add components in stages depending on the savings you want, and payback period required. The numbers speak for themselves, by correctly pairing energy efficient technology with your Solar Home system, you will see far greater savings over the long run, often reducing the payback period to half the original length of time.

By performing a site visit and thorough energy consumption audit we will determine your present and future energy needs for the most reliable system, while supporting you in this profitable journey towards energy independence.


It’s a painless process. The audit installation can take less than 1 hour. In 10 days you will have the energy breakdown of your home and our most reliable power solution designed for your exact needs.


By accurately tracking your consumption behavior per appliance, we can demonstrably show the savings through our 3-tiered approach.


Analyzing your homes energy performance past and future, in a smart way to identify even greater cost saving possibilities.

Our Custom proposal will show you in RAND values, your energy consumption and future saving per appliance point in your home. This information alone can save you thousands in the first year.

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