Globalization had increased the pressure on government to adjust to new realities.  One of these new realities is the global technological revolution that is happening within an increasingly connected and knowledge-intensive world.

Access to the internet and ICT infrastructure are the biggest equalizers that will enable a fully inclusive and modernised society. This use of the internet and ICT infrastructure as indicators are used extensively in international and national ICT readiness measurements.

Internet User Penetration, 2017

A recent UNESCO/UNICEF report notes that ICTs have immense potential to facilitate dramatic changes in learning and education systems.   Most digital skills will be taught in schools and therefore a massive global drive.

Source: UNESCO (Note: Based on average skills available for different numbers of countries available += 50 countries)

Regenergy understands that computing typically accounts for as much as 25% of a site’s energy consumption and costs.  In partnership with Extreme Low Energy (ELe®) we offer unique DC power infrastructures that can run your devices far more efficiently making significant energy cost savings.

Award winning Low Energy Solutions for Institutions

Invest, Save, Grow

ELe® systems connect seamlessly to your existing ICT network and are easily scalable. Their streamlined design improves the ICT workspace management and user experience, also reducing your institutions environmental impact.


Energy Generation

For partially or fully off-grid sites, Regenergy supplies ELe® renewable energy systems to connect to its infrastructures for maximum energy and carbon savings.


Storage & Distribution

Regenergy supplies ultra-low energy DC power infrastructures. We also provide installation support where required.


DC Electronic Devices

Regenergy supplies a growing range of ELe® DC devices including computing equipment, lighting, air-conditioning and refrigeration.

In the conversion from AC to DC, energy is wasted as heat. The more devices you add to a Power Bar, the more efficient the overall system will become.

A method of distributing both power and data using a single ethernet cable. Our point-to-point infrastructure allows certainty and quality of distribution.

We look at 3 methods to improve energy use in your ICT Suites

Improved Efficiency

Save 70%+ when connecting the ELe® DC Electronic Devices to your Mains Grid

Maximising Storage

Save 80%+ when you install the ELe® Storage and Distribution Solution as a Partially Off-Grid System

Generating Energy

Save up to 100% with an Off-Grid site when you invest in solar panels to generate electricity from the sun

Let's Explain

Why DC to DC Power?


Globally our inherited power grid infrastructure is powered via Alternating Current (AC) and all our buildings and homes have AC power plugs.


Here’s the catch: All electronic devices are powered via Direct Current (DC). To charge your device the electronic device comes standard with an AC/DC power converter (charger adapter) to convert power from AC to DC

This process uses unnecessary power that you pay for every time you plug in a device.

What is Power over Ethernet?

Ad-hoc systems which pass electric power along with the data on twisted pair Ethernet cabling. This allows a single cable to provide both data connection and electric power to devices with batteries & USB.