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Remote Powered:

Community Hubs
Training Rooms
Internet Cafes
Business Centres
Seed new growth of economic activity and growth in disadvantaged communities by developing economic value chains.
Educational attainment among individuals aged 25–64 by population group, 2016
Over 60% of South Africa’s unemployed reside in townships, offer your skills development in the most remote areas.
Labour force participation and absorption rates by level of education among population aged 15–64, 2015
Only 7.4% of settlement and rural have access to the Internet. Humanity must be at the centre of tomorrow’s Internet.
Percentage of households with access to the Internet at home, or for which at least one member has access to or used the Internet by province, 2016
Bridge the Education Divide, lets invest in our children’s future and bring schools to our rural areas.
Percentage of individuals aged 15–34 by enrolment status and type of settlement, 2016
Total number of persons employed in the formal non-agricultural sector of South Africa is 9 748 000. Let’s bridge the unemployment rate and empower micro entrepreneurs.
Source: Quarterly Employment Statistics, 2018 Stats SA


Regenergy offers even greater flexibility for your venture, to reach your target by truly understanding the needs of our customers and tailoring solutions for the need and experience in the market
Temporary can be knock-down or transportable, such as Steel containers, and moved periodically during the year to create region wide presence in communities
Mobile is built onto a mobile structure or trailer allowing for easy transportation with a vehicle or Bakkie. This can be for weekend events or towed back to a safe location once the activation is complete.
Permanent is built for the long-term, using weather resistant materials and service plans to allow for continuous use of the asset.

Regenergy will assist you with reaching YOUR clients where THEY are, instead of waiting for them to come to you.

We design the entire solution architecture:


Fiberglass Facilities
Steel Shipping Containers
Flat-pack Containers
Prefab Buildings

Solar Infrastructure:

Solar Panels
Long Lasting Solar Batteries
Smart DB Box
Multi-USB Charging Hubs
LED Lighting
DC Air Conditioning
Alarm System
Solution Design

Facility Infrastructure:

Projector and Whiteboard
DC Televisions
Low watt PC/Laptop & Tablet Solution
Micro Servers
Multi-USB Charging Hubs
Connectivity Infrastructure
Pay point
Airtime Dispensers
Dry Goods Counters &
DC Appliances

Delivering New Opportunities

Self-powered cabin or modular building solutions enable the provision of important new services and facilities for rural, off-grid regions and communities with poor, unreliable power supplies.

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