In the last decade electricity tariffs rose by 356% – that works out to an average of 35% per year.

Energy analyst, Ted Blom says:

“By 2019/20 financial year expect a 30% electricity hike, followed by a 50% the following year and 30% the other year. This is a reality. Eskom over the past 10 years has come out with a high tariff raising strategy which has enabled them to fleece the country’s economy of some R1.3 trillion.”

Yearly increases in electricity prices means that your electricity costs will never come down, that’s a fact. You will never pay less than you are paying today, unless you smartly choose an alternative.

How much do you want to save?


    We look at 3 methods to improve energy use in your home

    Improved Efficiency

    Save 50%+ when you replace traditional technology e.g. geysers, lighting and appliances with efficient technology.

    Generating Energy

    Save 80%+ when you install Solar Panels with a Charging Solution to generate your own electricity.

    Maximising Storage

    Save up to 100% when you invest in a super-capacitor battery system to store your solar energy and use on demand.

    Exciting new technology that will power your home in a whole new way

    DC Power for your residential environment

    Take a 3D tour around ELe’s modular house and see the Low Voltage system in action