Tlamatlama Solar Cabin

Designed and delivered by Regenergy Technology, powered by ELe®

In developing communities where we have electricity cut-outs, this allows the school to be powered whether there’s electricity or not – the classes still continue.

Our Client’s Challenge

Tlamatlama Primary School, based in the township of Tembisa, is part of Gauteng province in South Africa, a region faced with many challenges including poverty and inadequate infrastructures. With a strong vision, the region is aspiring to build a world-class education system by modernising and improving the performance of its facilities and capabilities.

Paperless e-learning, solar powered systems and an education that will prepare its communities for a fast moving, developing world are key driving factors in the region’s ambition.

As part of a pilot project aimed at achieving this vision, Regenergy and ELe® worked in partnership to create and install an innovative EDI Solar Powered Classroom at the Tlamatlama Primary School.

The Solution

The EDI (Education Delivered Intelligently) classroom was installed by Regenergy, a Johannesburg based ICT provider specialising in solutions for rural and remote communities.

Installed with ELe®’s unique ‘plug and play’ power solutions, the technology now provides 5kwh of energy storage allowing 8 hours of uninterrupted teaching. The school’s issues with load shedding, expensive diesel generators; UPS systems and lack of grid-access were instantly eliminated.


The Results

The EDI classroom is a resource centre now being used by both teachers and students from pre-school to Grade 7. With access to a 55-inch multi touch-screen interactive display, tablet computing, desktop computing and the e-learning solution, the school now has over 1.2 million free lessons and built-in tools combined for inspiring and effective learning.

  • 15 Tablets
  • 1 Intel teachers desktop PC
  • 1 x 55” interactive screen
  • 10 LED lights
  • Air-conditioning
  • 6 solar panels
  • 5kWh energy storage – enough for 8 hours operation
  • Simple ‘Plug & Play’ Ethernet power distribution installation

Regenergy and ELe® Working in Partnership

Regenergy and ELe® have been working together since 2015 with the aim of creating more engaging and inspiring learning environments. The EDI not only houses the latest technology and teaching materials but is perfectly lit and cooled by 10 LED lights and an air conditioning unit, all powered by ELe ® using the novel DC based Ethernet power infrastructure.